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$20 MTG EDH deck build challenge

so this afternoon my roomates and i went to our local card shop and did the $20 edh deck build challenge 

The rules are simple you walk into a card shop and you have to build an edh deck using only what you get there and it can be no more than $20.
basic lands are not inculded in the total because we all know there are a lot of them and you can basically get them for free…so basic lands do not count toward the total. non-basic lands you do have to find a purchase…but everything else has to be purchased at the shop….so you can also buy preconstructed decks and booster backs..

our shop (Dragons End in Duluth MN) is nice and has a deal were commons are $0.10 each and uncommons are $0.25 each…unless other wise marked… so that helps building the decks a lot easier…..will post my deck list later and also on how it did. 

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figure 1: head drawings by Andrew Loomis, 1956

figure 2: women’s head designs can be generated by the same methods, they don’t have to all look very nearly the same

Some food for thought for drawing women and avoiding drawing a single female face.  Too often artists seem to be afraid to give women big noses or lines or other distinguishing features, and we end up with the same face on all the characters.  I’ve been browsing a lot of genderswap art lately and I’ve noticed that when male characters with large noses, thin faces, wrinkles, or other features get genderswapped, they tend to end up with small noses, round faces, and no wrinkles, and they no longer look distinct (they also look much younger than the original).  So, just some references and a reminder that women’s faces have all sorts of different features, and you don’t need to just have small cute features with no wrinkles to have a character look female.

this was one of the biggest problems I had with an otherwise exquisitely helpful book

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